We’ve Been Nominated For A 2017 Mercury Love Award!

Help us win another Mercury Love Award with your vote!

Bridge Liquors is honored to be nominated for a 2017 Mercury Love Award for Newport’s Best Liquor Store. This is the first time we’ve been nominated since last year. As always, we have a lot of competitors looking to snag the award, so we will need all of our amazing customers’ votes on this one. This may come as a shock to some, but we don’t have a lock on it every year and have come up short in the past, most likely as a result of our failure to motivate those who love us the most. This year we won’t let that happen. So get voting!

Bridge Liquors Can Meet All Of Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Needs

Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is almost here and we’re all sorts of stocked up.

It’s that most wonderful time of the year in Newport as locals and visitors prepare for Newport’s unofficial passage into springtime, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Bridge Liquors is a proud sponsor of the parade and encourages everyone to have a safe and festive time while they get their Irish on. We’ll be open at 8am on Saturday to give you an extra hour of shopping before the parade starts at 11.

We’re all stocked up and ready for Newport’s revelers. Not many things are more Irish than Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is why we have ten cases on the floor, ready to go.

Yes, We Have Fat Tire

New Belgium has arrived in Rhode Island and Newport…and Bridge Liquors.

“Yes, we have Fat Tire.” That’s an answer that we at Bridge Liquors have been wanting to give for almost a decade. Customers would come in and look at our craft beer selection and then ask if we had any Fat Tire.

“Do you have any…what’s it called…my friend told me to try it. Fat…”
“Fat Tire?”
“Yeah! Do you have any?”
“No, they don’t distribute to Rhode Island.”
“Can you special order it?”
“No, they don’t distribute to Rhode Island.”
“Can *I* special order it?”
“Well, you can do whatever you want, but it’s none of our business…”

This conversation was repeated at least once a month for the last seven years…right up until this past Monday.

Do You Want To Work At A Newport, RI Liquor Store?

Bridge Liquors is hiring!

Bridge Liquors is looking to fill team positions immediately. If you’ve ever wanted to work in the liquor industry, here’s your chance to start. If you’re capable of combining the routine with the ability to think on your feet and flourish in fast-paced environments, we’re looking for you.

Full- and part-time positions available.

Revival Brewing Is Back At Bridge Liquors

A selection of Sean Larkin’s Revival Brewing’s craft beers are now available in Newport, RI.

Craft brewing in Rhode Island is a young industry, so Revival Brewing’s founding in 2011 makes it one of the state’s most mature breweries. As has often been the case with small Rhode Island breweries, availability in Newport can be a challenge, but we’ve just secured a nice big drop and are happy to have a big variety of Sean Larkin’s beers on sale at Bridge Liquors.

Here are the beers that have just arrived and are available as of this posting.

Boulevard Brewing has arrived!

More craft beer hits the shelves in Newport.

It’s always exciting when a new brewery gets distributed in Rhode Island, but Boulevard Brewing is one of the big breweries whose absence was noticeable, especially for beer drinkers who’d spent any time elsewhere in the country.

For those of you who have never heard of Boulevard, it’s part of Duvel Moortgat USA. Duvel, as some of you might remember, is one of Belgium’s most famous breweries. They’ve expanded stateside with Ommegang in New York and they purchased Boulevard in 2013. While Ommegang maintains a Belgian-style identity, Boulevard does everything.