Absolut Level Vodka – 1 Liter


    Level Vodka oozes classiness and “comes in the kind of bottle that you want to break out of the freezer for someone you’re trying to woo, because it will let you pass for the debonair 007 type you’re really not.”

    40% ABV

    One Liter Bottle


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    Ultra-rare and out of production, Level Vodka was Absolut’s upmarket premium vodka.

    Absolut’s Level Vodka is a liquor that one can use to impress, both with the ultra-smooth premium vodka itself, its character and rarity and with the product’s back story. This spirit is distilled no more and once it’s gone, it’s gone, so it’s more of a “special occasion” drink than something you want to acquire a constant craving for. That said, it’s slightly fruity taste and the slight scent of lemon you catch when you crack open a bottle is the kind of experience you’ll want to share with your cherished guests.

    In 2004, Absolut introduced Level Vodka, a premium brand of ultra-smooth vodka designed to compete with the likes of Grey Goose and Ketel One. As things turned out, the brand failed. This was not caused by a flaw in the liquor itself, which is an amazing product from a well-known company pushing its ability to create excellence, but by the vagaries of such an upmarket shift.

    How Absolut made Level Vodka

    Made from winter wheat in Ahus, Sweden, Level is created using two separate distillation methods to create a “perfect balance”: a continuous distillation process to eliminate congeners and a batch distillation process to add character.

    What are congeners?

    Congeners are the chemical byproducts created in the fermentation process. The purpose of fermentation, especially when making vodka, is to make ethanol, which can then be distilled. Other chemicals that can be created in the process are methanol, fusal alcohols, acetone, acetaldehyde, esters, tannins, and aldehydes. The congeners will flavor a liquor, so if one is seeking to create an ultra-smooth vodka, they must be eliminated.



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