KEEL Premium Vodka – 750ml


    Welcome aboard to the world of KEEL. Founders Tom McGowan, Bill Dessel and partner, former New England Patriot, Matt Light believe that balance in life is as essential as it is in sailing. With this in mind we have crafted our Premium Light Spirit® using the purest rocky mountain aquifer water, so it is not only lighter in calories, it provides exceptional smoothness for unparalleled drinkability.

    However you choose to navigate beyond your horizon, enjoy KEEL on your personal voyage and STAY BALANCED!

    Produced in Idaho by KEEL Partners, Newport, RI.

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    A premium light spirit created by two Rhode Islanders and former New England Patriot Matt Light.

    KEEL vodka is the premium light spirit. A vodka which is crafted to give the demanding, active person the ultimate in taste and smoothness with half the calories than in regular vodka.

    When Tom and Bill decided to create KEEL, they were committed towards three goals:  KEEL would be a premium light vodka; KEEL would be created, distilled and bottled in the USA; and, most importantly, KEEL would be the smoothest, best tasting vodka…period.

    And so the hard work began. Following close to two years of travel, education, research and countless tastings, (not such hard work ), they began crafting KEEL in an award-winning distillery in eastern Idaho. Under ideal climate conditions, the finest winter wheat and corn are grown in the nutrient rich, volcanic soil of south eastern Idaho. Combined with the cleanest, most crisp, rocky mountain snow-melt water in North America and a patented distillation process, KEEL delivers on Tom and Bill’s promise and commitment.

    Simply put, you can not buy a more authentic, smoother, better tasting vodka.    Anywhere.

    Enjoy KEEL vodka responsibly, and STAY BALANCED….

    For more information check out the KEEL website.

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