December Deals For Newport On Beer, Wine And Liquor

Stock up for the holidays with these specials!

The holidays are upon us and we’re sure many of you have a packed social calendar. Fortunately, Bridge Liquors is here to help.

Free Delivery

If you’re hosting a party, remember that we can provide free delivery to your home or business. Give us a call at (401)848-9200 to place your order. There is a $40 minimum and we ask for a few hours advance notice on large orders.

Price Matching

Bridge Liquors will match any local competitor’s advertised prices. Just show us the ad and we’ll match it.

Special Deals Through December 31

Corona 24 Pack Bottles


Mionetto Prosecco 750ml


Dewars White Label 1.75L


Kahlua 750ml


New Amsterdam Vodka 1.75L


November-Thanksgiving Specials & Deals

Newport, RI, your favorite liquor store has some great deals on beer, wine and spirits!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we at Bridge Liquors are making big preparations for what is our biggest day of the year. We’ll be open until 11pm Thanksgiving Eve, but closed on Thanksgiving Day, in accordance with Rhode Island law. This means you’ll need to plan ahead and take advantage of some of our great deals this week!


Oh, and just a quick reminder that Bridge Liquors will match local competitors’ advertised prices. In the slim chance that you find a lower price than what we have on offer, just present the ad and we’ll match it!

All New Amsterdam Vodka 1.75L $16.99


Barefoot 1.5 Liter Bottles $9.95


All varietals in stock.

Robert Mondavi 750ml bottles $9.99


Budweiser/Bud Light 30-rack cans $22.99


Miller Lite 24-pack Cans $18.99


 As always, come in to check out our massive selection of craft beer and all of our 99 cent nips!

October Deals & Specials

Summer has left the building, but have no fear, Bridge Liquors is ready to offer Newport, RI great deals on beer, wine and liquor!

It’s that time when shorts are becoming an odd choice to wear outside and people are breaking “jackets” out of their closets, because fall it upon us. With fall comes some great deals for Newport at Bridge Liquors.

Barefoot 1.5 Liter Bottles $9.95


All varietals in stock.

Budweiser/Bud Light 24-pack $19.99


Cases of 24 cans are just $19.99.

30-rack cans are also available at $22.99

Miller Lite 24-pack Cans $18.99


Stoli Vodka 1.75L $29.99

stoli175 As always, come in to check out our massive selection of craft beer and all of our 99 cent nips!

Yes, We Have Fat Tire

New Belgium has arrived in Rhode Island and Newport…and Bridge Liquors.

“Yes, we have Fat Tire.” That’s an answer that we at Bridge Liquors have been wanting to give for almost a decade. Customers would come in and look at our craft beer selection and then ask if we had any Fat Tire.

“Do you have any…what’s it called…my friend told me to try it. Fat…”
“Fat Tire?”
“Yeah! Do you have any?”
“No, they don’t distribute to Rhode Island.”
“Can you special order it?”
“No, they don’t distribute to Rhode Island.”
“Can *I* special order it?”
“Well, you can do whatever you want, but it’s none of our business…”

This conversation was repeated at least once a month for the last seven years…right up until this past Monday.

Vodka On Special – Starting May 27, 2016

Hey Newport, RI! It’s a great time to load up on handles of vodka at Bridge Liquors!

Vodka is probably the most versatile of liquors. You can mix it with pretty much anything or drink it straight. We’ve got some great specials on the big bottles so come on down and stock up!

Smirnoff 1.75 Liter $19.99SMIRNOFF-1.75L

P.A. Smirnoff developed a traditional charcoal filtration method for vodka in Mother Russia. His son Vladimir created “Recipe No. 21” after fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and according to Diageo, it’s the world’s best-selling vodka.

It’s available in plastic bottles for those of you who will be boating on Newport Harbor.

Ketel One 1.75 Liter $38.99

ketel one

Straight from the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, the Netherlands, Ketel One is named after the distillery’s original copper pot still, “Distilleerketel #1.”

Stoli 1.75 Liter $29.99

STOLI-VODKA-1.75LProbably the best thing to come out of Soviet Russia, Stolichnaya starts with wheat and rye grains and artesian water. It is fermented for 60 hours before being triple distilled and then filtered through quartz, sand, charcoal, and woven cloth.

New Amsterdam $19.99

New Amsterdam Vodka

5-times distilled from the finest grains and then triple filtered this vodka is so smooth you can drink it straight up.

Fine Print

These prices are current as of May 27th and the foreseeable future but may change without notice,

We’ve Been Nominated For A Mercury Love Award!

Now we need your votes in the Newport Mercury Love ballot!

We at Bridge Liquors would like to thank all who nominated us as Newport’s Best Liquor Store in the 2016 Mercury Love Awards! We work hard to provide you a great selection at the best prices in Newport and it’s great to see that hard work be recognized.

Revival Brewing Is Back At Bridge Liquors

A selection of Sean Larkin’s Revival Brewing’s craft beers are now available in Newport, RI.

Craft brewing in Rhode Island is a young industry, so Revival Brewing’s founding in 2011 makes it one of the state’s most mature breweries. As has often been the case with small Rhode Island breweries, availability in Newport can be a challenge, but we’ve just secured a nice big drop and are happy to have a big variety of Sean Larkin’s beers on sale at Bridge Liquors.

Here are the beers that have just arrived and are available as of this posting.

Boulevard Brewing has arrived!

More craft beer hits the shelves in Newport.

It’s always exciting when a new brewery gets distributed in Rhode Island, but Boulevard Brewing is one of the big breweries whose absence was noticeable, especially for beer drinkers who’d spent any time elsewhere in the country.

For those of you who have never heard of Boulevard, it’s part of Duvel Moortgat USA. Duvel, as some of you might remember, is one of Belgium’s most famous breweries. They’ve expanded stateside with Ommegang in New York and they purchased Boulevard in 2013. While Ommegang maintains a Belgian-style identity, Boulevard does everything.