Yes, We Have Fat Tire

New Belgium has arrived in Rhode Island and Newport…and Bridge Liquors.

“Yes, we have Fat Tire.” That’s an answer that we at Bridge Liquors have been wanting to give for almost a decade. Customers would come in and look at our craft beer selection and then ask if we had any Fat Tire.

“Do you have any…what’s it called…my friend told me to try it. Fat…”
“Fat Tire?”
“Yeah! Do you have any?”
“No, they don’t distribute to Rhode Island.”
“Can you special order it?”
“No, they don’t distribute to Rhode Island.”
“Can *I* special order it?”
“Well, you can do whatever you want, but it’s none of our business…”

This conversation was repeated at least once a month for the last seven years…right up until this past Monday.