Underaged Kids: We’re Sick Of Your Crap Fake IDs

We confiscate and display your fake IDs for Newport and the world to gawk and laugh at…plus you might get arrested.

For whatever reason, Newport, RI is swimming in fake Connecticut licenses. As a result, Bridge Liquors is swimming in fake IDs because we know how to spot them and our employees are taking them like it’s going out of style. We’re just running out of ideas of how to deter this behavior.

Imagine that you’re a 19-year old who’s just got their fake ID straight from the Internet. You call up all your friends and they give you a dream list of everything they’ve heard about or tried at a party one time. So you stroll into Bridge, playing it cool as you, a college-aged male, pick up five bottles of different flavored Smirnoff Vodka, a six pack of Mike’s Hard Half-And-Half and a 12 pack of Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Then you put it all on the counter that looks like this:

Fishers Island Lemonade Has The Perfect 4th Of July Cocktail

All you need is Fishers Island Lemonade, Strawberries and Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka!

Fishers Island Lemonade is in its own right a fully armed and operational pre-mixed cocktail made with real vodka and whiskey. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be accessorized in accordance with holiday traditions. The folks over at  Fisher Island realized that while their lemonade could fulfil the “white” part of America’s colors, it is deficient in the red and blue categories.