Jamestown, let Bridge Liquors bring our liquor store to you when we deliver.

Being located at the foot of the Newport Bridge, Bridge Liquors is as close to Jamestown as a liquor store can get without being on the actual island. That makes the trip to your home, business, room or dock just as quick as when we deliver to Newport itself. We know that Jamestown has its own package stores, but we’ve got a lot of customers who take the trip over the bridge to take advantage of our better prices and selection.

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We love our Jamestown customers!

Jamestown residents are a special type of people. Their community has a unique mix of classy sophistication and small-town friendliness that makes the island one of the best places to live in Rhode Island. Even when they’re brown bag drinking, they do it well. Many of them work in Newport and stop in on their way home. Others make the trip over specially to see us because it’s worth the bridge toll. They know our craft beer selection can’t be beat and an amazing variety of wines and spirits.

So if you’re a long-time resident, you should stop by and and see what you’ve been missing out on. Alternatively, if you’re new to the island, you can shop around…or you can come to the spot that everyone else has determined to be the best. Try it. You’ll like it.