Using Drizly For Liquor Delivery In Newport, RI? There’s A Cheaper Way

Liquor delivery apps like Drizly come with an extra cost.

We live in an age of smartphone convenience and people have become accustomed to apps like Uber and Lyft which offer cheaper and more convenient alternatives to legacy businesses. In the case of liquor delivery, however, apps like Drizly don’t really provide a new alternative, but instead simply play the role of digital middleman between local businesses and their customers. When you make a delivery order with Drizly, you get whacked with a $5 delivery fee. Here at Bridge Liquors in Newport, RI, we offer an easy way to avoid that.

We’ve Got Some Great Thanksgiving Liquor Deals!

Bridge construction and lane closures are over (for the next year or so) and we’d like to welcome our loyal customers back with some amazing deals on beer, wine and liquor, just in time for Thanksgiving!

After two very long months, the construction-related lane closures on the Newport Bridge are done. We’d like to take the opportunity to welcome back those customers who’ve had to avoid JT Connell Highway’s highway in a bid to bypass the bumper-to-bumper traffic that resulted. Stocking up for the big meal will be so much easier on your wallet with these Thanksgiving liquor deals!

Look at this deal on Grand Marnier!

More liquor deals!

Grey Goose Vodka 750ml $24.99

Absolut 750ml $19.99

Dewer’s White Label Scotch 1.75L $29.99

Sobieski Vodka 1.75L $19.99

Ketel One Vodka 1.75L $31.99

Stoli Elit 750ml $44.99

Sales on the Bubbly!

Thanksgiving champagne on sale newport, ri

Wines On Sale!

Thanksgiving wines newport ri 02840

Jacob’s Creek 1.5Ls All Varietals $13.99

Anthony’s Hill 1.5L All Varietals $9.99

Fifty Shades Of Grey Red Satin Blend 750ml $14.99Fifty Shades of Grey Wine Newport, RI 02840

Beer Specials!

Miller Lite 30 pack cans Newport, RI 02840

Miller Lite 30 Pack Cans $21.99

Coors Light 30 pack cans Newport RI 02840

Coors Lite 30 Pack Cans $21.99

Bud/Bud Light 30 Pack Cans $23.99

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Bridge Liquors will be open 9am-11pm on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 22.

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

We will open on Black Friday at 9am.


Local liquor delivery is available on orders over $40. Give us a call at (401)848-9200.


You Can Talk On Your Phone At Our Checkout Counter…On One Condition

We don’t care if you’re on your phone when you come up to our counter if you can follow one simple rule.

A lot of businesses have a real hangup about people talking on their phones when they come up to pay for their stuff. Here at Bridge Liquors, we don’t really mind if you talk on your phone. If you found what you were looking for and have your cash or card at the ready, our employees can skip the small talk and get right to the business of scanning your items, giving you a total, processing your payment and sending you on your way. Sometimes these exchanges are even smoother and faster that way.

Underaged Kids: We’re Sick Of Your Crap Fake IDs

We confiscate and display your fake IDs for Newport and the world to gawk and laugh at…plus you might get arrested.

For whatever reason, Newport, RI is swimming in fake Connecticut licenses. As a result, Bridge Liquors is swimming in fake IDs because we know how to spot them and our employees are taking them like it’s going out of style. We’re just running out of ideas of how to deter this behavior.

Imagine that you’re a 19-year old who’s just got their fake ID straight from the Internet. You call up all your friends and they give you a dream list of everything they’ve heard about or tried at a party one time. So you stroll into Bridge, playing it cool as you, a college-aged male, pick up five bottles of different flavored Smirnoff Vodka, a six pack of Mike’s Hard Half-And-Half and a 12 pack of Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Then you put it all on the counter that looks like this:

Fishers Island Lemonade Has The Perfect 4th Of July Cocktail

All you need is Fishers Island Lemonade, Strawberries and Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka!

Fishers Island Lemonade is in its own right a fully armed and operational pre-mixed cocktail made with real vodka and whiskey. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be accessorized in accordance with holiday traditions. The folks over at  Fisher Island realized that while their lemonade could fulfil the “white” part of America’s colors, it is deficient in the red and blue categories.

Bridge Liquors: Proud Sponsor Of The Newport Charter Yacht Show

For two decades, we’ve been sponsoring the Newport Charter Yacht Show, an amazing event for charter professionals.

Year after year, attendees at the Newport Charter Yacht Show know who to turn to for liquor delivery. When the world’s most amazing boats pull into Newport Shipyard for this event, they know they can call Bridge Liquors to provide the alcohol delivery they need to replenish their stores. No matter what wine or spirits a client asks for, we’ll jump through the hoops to find it and get it delivered to your yacht. If it’s available in Rhode Island, Bridge Liquors will get it.

Do You Want To Work At A Newport, RI Liquor Store?

Bridge Liquors is now hiring!

Bridge Liquors is looking to fill team positions immediately. If you’ve ever wanted to work in the liquor industry, here’s your chance to start. If you’re capable of combining the routine with the ability to think on your feet and flourish in fast-paced environments, we’re looking for you.

Full- and part-time positions available.

We’ve Been Nominated For A 2017 Mercury Love Award!

Help us win another Mercury Love Award with your vote!

Bridge Liquors is honored to be nominated for a 2017 Mercury Love Award for Newport’s Best Liquor Store. This is the first time we’ve been nominated since last year. As always, we have a lot of competitors looking to snag the award, so we will need all of our amazing customers’ votes on this one. This may come as a shock to some, but we don’t have a lock on it every year and have come up short in the past, most likely as a result of our failure to motivate those who love us the most. This year we won’t let that happen. So get voting!

Bridge Liquors Can Meet All Of Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Needs

Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is almost here and we’re all sorts of stocked up.

It’s that most wonderful time of the year in Newport as locals and visitors prepare for Newport’s unofficial passage into springtime, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Bridge Liquors is a proud sponsor of the parade and encourages everyone to have a safe and festive time while they get their Irish on. We’ll be open at 8am on Saturday to give you an extra hour of shopping before the parade starts at 11.

We’re all stocked up and ready for Newport’s revelers. Not many things are more Irish than Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is why we have ten cases on the floor, ready to go.

December Deals For Newport On Beer, Wine And Liquor

Stock up for the holidays with these specials!

The holidays are upon us and we’re sure many of you have a packed social calendar. Fortunately, Bridge Liquors is here to help.

Free Delivery

If you’re hosting a party, remember that we can provide free delivery to your home or business. Give us a call at (401)848-9200 to place your order. There is a $40 minimum and we ask for a few hours advance notice on large orders.

Price Matching

Bridge Liquors will match any local competitor’s advertised prices. Just show us the ad and we’ll match it.

Special Deals Through December 31

Corona 24 Pack Bottles


Mionetto Prosecco 750ml


Dewars White Label 1.75L


Kahlua 750ml


New Amsterdam Vodka 1.75L