Cape Cod’r Craft Cocktails

Cape Cod'r Canned Cocktail Seltzer

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Introducing Cape Cod’r, the latest entrant in the realm of ready-to-drink canned cocktails. With an unwavering commitment to spreading happiness, they unveiled their inaugural flavors on April 18, 2022. Crafted as a delightful variation of the renowned Cape Codder, a cocktail synonymous with the region, Cape Cod’r aspires to transcend the confines of a mere beverage. It embodies a way of life inspired by the sheer delight of savoring your favorite libation, alongside cherished companions, in the place that holds your heart, be it Cape Cod or any other beloved destination. Initially, this extraordinary concoction graced the shelves of Cape Cod, but has extending its reach to Newport, Rhode Island. With ambitious aspirations, the company has envisioned making its presence felt throughout the nation, ensuring that cocktail enthusiasts nationwide can experience the joy reminiscent of summers on Cape Cod.

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