Liquor delivery apps like Drizly come with an extra cost.

We live in an age of smartphone convenience and people have become accustomed to apps like Uber and Lyft which offer cheaper and more convenient alternatives to legacy businesses. In the case of liquor delivery, however, apps like Drizly don’t really provide a new alternative, but instead simply play the role of digital middleman between local businesses and their customers. When you make a delivery order with Drizly, you get whacked with a $5 delivery fee. Here at Bridge Liquors in Newport, RI, we offer an easy way to avoid that.

Newport, get free liquor delivery instead.

Here at Bridge Liquors, we’ve always offered free liquor delivery to local homes, businesses, hotels and yachts. If you call in an order at (401)848-9200 or utilize our online liquor store your order will be delivered free of charge. The only requirement is a minimum order total price of $40. What you do with the $5 you save on delivery charges is completely up to you. You could just put it in a jar…

Avoid Drizly Liquor Delivery ChargesNeed some ideas. Maybe save for some champagne. After all, you deserve it more than some tech millionaires do, right?

Anyway, for all your liquor delivery needs in the Newport area, continue to rely on Bridge Liquors for great prices and convenience. We look forward to seeing you, either in our store or at your front door.

Liquor Delivery Man