Help us win another Mercury Love Award with your vote!

Bridge Liquors is honored to be nominated for a 2017 Mercury Love Award for Newport’s Best Liquor Store. This is the first time we’ve been nominated since last year. As always, we have a lot of competitors looking to snag the award, so we will need all of our amazing customers’ votes on this one. This may come as a shock to some, but we don’t have a lock on it every year and have come up short in the past, most likely as a result of our failure to motivate those who love us the most. This year we won’t let that happen. So get voting!

If you enjoy our large craft beer selection and our great prices on a huge variety of wine and spirits, please give us a vote (early and often) on the Love Awards survey. The Liquor Store Category is way at the back at #68, right after Home Decor and before Auto Mechanic. In other words, this will take some focus and concentration.

Hop to it! We’ll make a deal with you; We keep providing Newport with great service, fast delivery, amazing craft beer, plenty of wine and bargain prices on liquor if you help us win this little popularity contest. It’s a no-brainer, really.