We don’t care if you’re on your phone when you come up to our counter if you can follow one simple rule.

A lot of businesses have a real hangup about people talking on their phones when they come up to pay for their stuff. Here at Bridge Liquors, we don’t really mind if you talk on your phone. If you found what you were looking for and have your cash or card at the ready, our employees can skip the small talk and get right to the business of scanning your items, giving you a total, processing your payment and sending you on your way. Sometimes these exchanges are even smoother and faster that way.

The phone only becomes a problem when it starts distracting you from the matter at hand.

To put it simply…

You can’t have a conversation on your phone if you need to have a conversation with us!

  • If you’ve got questions for us and they aren’t being relayed to you from the person on the other end of your phone call, you should probably hang up for the next minute or so.
  • If you’re going to come up to the counter with a dozen items and insist on paying for them three different ways, please hit the “Hold” button.
  • If you want to get price checks on three different items that are kept behind the counter, just take the phone away from your ear.
  • If you want to tell us what lottery numbers to play…verbally…try not to do while simultaneously booking up your social calendar for this weekend.

Once you’re trying to engage in “distracted buying” you start making things annoying and frustrating for everyone. You’re making demands on our employees, yet only devoting half of your attention to the task at hand. You’re slowing things down for all the other customers behind you. What’s worse is that everyone has now had their attention drawn to this phone conversation that you’re having and judging it to be “trivial”…at best.

On Your Phone At Checkout Counter

The One Unforgivable Sin

So as we’ve established, it’s fine to be talking on the phone if you’ve got your items and payment lined up and ready to go. Then we established a few scenarios where a conversation needs to be had and it doesn’t work while another conversation is running concurrently.

There is one way to be incredibly wrong, regardless of which of the above ways your purchase is going.

If you ever find yourself saying the words…

“Oh my god. I’m talking on my phone at the checkout. I’m so rude,”

…and you don’t immediately stop talking and put the phone down, then you are a terrible person. If you continue that conversation, you’ve disrespected our employee and just declared that you recognize that you’re disrespecting them and then continue to disrespect them. That’s basic. Really, really basic.

Oh, and you really don’t want to have a Fake ID when you do it.

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