Broken Shed Vodka – 750ml


    Broken Shed, a premium whey vodka distilled in New Zealand.

    Smooth and pure, Broken Shed Vodka is a premium vodka imported from New Zealand to take on the big brands and show them what great vodka should taste like.

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    Broken Shed Vodka has two ingredients: mountain spring water and New Zealand whey.

    In a broken shed on Lake Wanaka, New Zealand this vodka was created from the purest and cleanest ingredients. Today, the shed that gave Broken Shed Vodka its name it is no longer a distillation laboratory, but has grown into a function spot where the fruits of that research are consumed. The two friends who founded the company tested water from ten different sources before deciding on the one they felt was the purest. You’re going to be impressed.

    What is whey?

    Whey (aka Milk Honey) is the creamy byproduct of the manufacture of cheese often used by bodybuilders as a protein supplement. For centuries, it has been consumed for its health benefits.

    Is Broken Shed Vodka Gluten-Free?

    Yes, this vodka is gluten-free. It’s also GMO-free, organic and has no additives of any kind.

    How does Broken Shed Premium Vodka taste?

    Smooth. Smooth and well-balanced. The nature and purity of its ingredients have done an incredible job to reduce that boozy bite typically associated with vodkas. In fact, when this product was initially introduced, many reviewers felt that it posed a threat to more expensive, established brands of spirits. In fact, like some other artisanal vodkas out there, many appreciate not a lack of flavor, which is the primary goal of so many distillers, but a floral flavor that can be savored.

    It has been described as the perfect spirit to bring vodka-haters back into the fold and is taking the premium vodka market by storm. Thus far, they are succeeding.

    Find out why.

    Learn more at the Broken Shed website.

    Is Broken Shed Vodka for sale in Newport, RI?

    Very much so. If you’re local, stop by Bridge Liquors and pick up a bottle. If you’re docked in Newport, RI and need a local delivery to your yacht, let us know and we’ll send you a case.

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