Bud Light 30-Pack (12oz Cans)

    $25.99 $22.99

    30 blue cans filled with American lager.

    How else do you define a 30 pack of Bud Light cans?

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    30 Cans of America’s Most Popular Beer.

    Inside this blue cardboard case is 30 cans of Bud Light. This is an American Lager that is brewed with incredible quality control and consistency to ensure that it tastes just like every other can of Bud Light you’ve ever had.

    It’s 4.2% Alcohol by Volume.

    It’s a common sight in the amusing commercials that are shown during the Super Bowl.

    There really shouldn’t be more to be said here. Even if you’ve never been to America before, you should know what this beer is all about.

    This is 360 liquid ounces of beer packaged in a pack (or rack) of 30 cans.

    Show up to a party with one of these and people will be happy to see you (unless they’re craft beer snobs, in which case, you’ll be shunned).