Bully Boy Boston Rum – 750ml


    A Craft Rum made in Boston, MA by Bully Boy Distillers.


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    Bully Boy revives flavors of the Old World with their Boston Rum.

    When Bully Boy Distillery opened in Boston, Massachusetts, they felt, given that the regions’ history, it was only fitting that one of their original spirits be a craft rum. You see, dating back to the 1600s, Massachusetts’ original distilleries were famous for their rum production. At their peak, there was about sixty distilleries operating in the state. As an homage, Bully Boy created an aged rum using blackstrap molasses, for the vanilla notes it imparts, and sweet molasses, for its cleaner, fruiter flavor. The combination give Bully Boy Boston Rum a unique, nuanced flavor.

    Bully Boy instills its own “house” flavor in a sort of editing process. They include more of the front end of the “run” to get more banana and pineapple notes to compliment the molasses flavors. When their done, the rum goes into whiskey barrels, where it is aged. The time it spends in the barrels mellows the rum, while adding notes of chocolate, vanilla, oak and more layers of complexity.

    It took a while to perfect this recipe, but the Willis brothers knew they were on the right track when the rum started evolving its way into their father’s liquor cabinet.

    Bully Boy Boston Rum Tasting Notes

    Bright amber color. interesting aromas of cherry cola float, grape popsicle, salted nuts, and milk chocolate nut bar with a supple dry-yet-fruity medium body and a gentle cedar and spice accented finish. Lots of wood tones here.

    -see more of what Tastings.com says here.

    Learn more at the Bully Boy website.

    Bully Boy Distillers is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded by brothers Will and Dave Willis whose upbringing included working on a farm known for distilling spirits during Prohibition. The vault of liquor was discovered in the family farm basement and served as the genesis for the modern-day distillery.

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