Bully Boy Estate Gin – 750ml


    A craft gin from Bully Boy Distillers of Boston, Massachusetts.

    A well-balanced gin with a serious 47% ABV, making it perfect for martinis, gin and tonics or more complex cocktails.


    This Estate Gin by Bully Boy has been crafted with local flavor and spirit in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Bully Boy knows there are many variables when it comes to making a craft gin. It’s always a daunting task to narrow the choice of botanicals. For them, the experience and knowledge gained growing up on a farm with indigenous juniper, lavender, and an orchard full of regional apple varietals. Sourcing from the place they call home was a great way to infuse Bully Boy Estate Gin with terroir and focus.

    Starting with a base of neutral grain and apple brandy, distilled from hard cider fermented at Stormalong Cidery, Bully Boy then adds standard botanicals such as Albanian Juniper, Coriander, and lemon, plus more unique botanicals like local Juniperus Virginiana, Hibiscus, Pink Peppercorn, and a few others they’d prefer to keep secret. The end result is a bouquet of aromas and flavors that are both exotic and firmly rooted in New England.

    Bully Boy Estate Gin Tasting Notes

    The beauty of American Gin is that it can really have character. For Bully Boy Distillers, that meant giving it a backbone. They chose to bottle it at 94 proof so it would hold up in traditional gin cocktails. After all, they figure, no one should have to put up with a watery gin and tonic.

    According to Sam Slaughter:

    Nose: Juniper, pepper, and lemon all come through on the nose, with juniper being (rightfully) the main component. There’s a waft of floral notes on the end, but it is not heavy.

    Palate: The juniper is there, again, this time accompanied by sweet citrusy notes, a tiny bit of floral in the form of hibiscus, ending in a little bit of a vegetal flavor. There’s a secondary sweetness too, a backbone of sorts, that seems to run through the gin that is most likely due to the neutral apple spirit that is used. While it’s a neutral spirit, it does help to impart a little bit of body, it seems.

    Finish: There’s a slight bit of warmth on the finish, which is fairly short. The juniper and pepper that started everything come back and recede very quickly after swallowing.

    Learn more about this Estate Gin at the Bully Boy Distillery website.

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