Bully Boy Hub Punch – 750ml


    Resurrected after going extinct, Bully Boy Hub Punch is sort of “Jurassic Park” but a liquor.

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    A concoction originally popular in the early 1900s, Bully Boy has revived the Hub Punch as best they know how.

    Bully Boy Hub Punch is a modern incarnation of the original Hub Punch, which was created by C.H. Graves & Sons at the turn of the 20th century. The name comes from the Hub Hotel, a since defunct hotel that was located in upstate New York. It became a staple of social circles at the peak of punch culture and the drink proved so popular that C.H. Graves moved to Boston and opened up a family-owned distillery, at which point it gained national fame. Everything was going swimmingly until Prohibition arrived and shut it all down…permanently.

    Fast-forward about 95 years and a local Boston mixologist stumbles across an old (empty) Hub Punch bottle from the late 19th century on eBay. He shows it to Dave Willis, one of the owners of Bully Boy Distillers. Willis starts researching all that he can to figure out a way to bring this extinct beverage back from the dead. The bad news is that there’s no real way to know if he got it right but the good news is that there’s not really anyone alive who can tell Bully Boy that they’re wrong.

    Bully Boy Hub Punch Tasting Notes And Serving Recommendations

    The recipe uses Bully Boy Boston Rum as a base and is infused with orange, raspberry, lemon, and a select combination of botanicals. A syrupy textured fruity elixir, with herbaceous tones and a tart finish. Cut with club soda, an amazingly refreshing concoction that resembles punch without the overly sugary qualities.

    As the resulting spirit is both fruity and herbal, it serves as a versatile base for cocktails.

    1 part Hub Punch, 2 parts something sweet (lemonade, ginger ale, sweet tea, ginger beer) and 2 parts soda water works wonders.

    The label of the original bottle served as a direct inspiration for the label that Bully Boy Hub Punch comes with today.

    Learn more at the Bully Boy website.

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