Capriccio Bubbly Sangria – 750ml


    A 13.9% abv bubbly sangria made with red wine and pineapple, orange and grape juices.

    A great way to start a hot summer night.

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    Capriccio Sangria, the famous (or notorious) summer drink is now available at Bridge Liquors.

    A somewhat unexpected contender for the drink of the summer, Capriccio Sangria has taken the online world by storm with legends of its potency and damage reports of its aftermath taking social media by storm. As is the nature with such things, warnings have only lead to more curiosity…and sales for this bubbly sangria.

    What make Capriccio Sangria so “dangerous”?

    Capriccio Sangria is 13.9% alcohol by volume. That’s because its primary ingredient is red wine. Red wines typically range in ABV from 13.5% to 15%, so this bubbly beverage is not particularly potent in this regard. Problems only arise when this beverage isn’t consumed like red wine, which is typically served in a 6 oz glass, but instead drunk like one would a beer or “malternative” beverage, drinks with 1/3 the alcohol.

    Comparisons have been drawn from Capriccio to Four Loko, another beverage which was not outrageously alcoholic compared to wines, but leant itself to overconsumption.

    The trick to drinking these beverages safely is pretty simple. Look at each 335ml bottle as half a bottle of red wine (14% abv) as opposed to a can of your typical American lager (4-5% abv).

    Tasting Notes

    Made with red wine and pineapple, orange and grape juices, as well as other natural flavors such as pomegranate, Capriccio Sangria is the only carbonated sangria on the market. Sweet and fizzy, it’s the perfect beverage on a warm summer day. This sangria can be served in the traditional manner, over ice and fruit or straight from the bottle.

    Learn more at the Florida Caribbean Distillers website.

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