Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling White Squall Coastal Moonshine – 750ml


    120 Proof Sugar Cane Moonshine made right here in Newport, Rhode Island by Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Company.


    Newport, Rhode Island has its own moonshine, White Squall.

    White Squall Coastal Moonshine from Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. is a 120 proof (60% abv) cane spirit distilled right here in Newport, RI. The folks at Newport Craft make this unaged, pure moonshine using methods originally used by colonial moonshiners.

    How is selling moonshine legal?

    The ironic thing about moonshine is that it was rarely the actual spirit that was illegal (though it should be noted that a fair bit of the illicit stuff would probably be banned for human consumption on account of harmful contaminants that could literally make you go blind). The big issue was always taxation. Moonshine or “white lightning” was a term used to describe this clear liquor that was produced in illicit stills after dark to keep it away from the prying eyes of “revenuers”, government law enforcement whose job it was to ensure that all alcohol being consumed had been properly taxed.

    Today commercial and craft distilleries across the country are making and selling moonshine, but they’re more than happy to give the taxmen their due too avoid all the excitement of bootlegging and simplify the distribution process. No longer do they need a souped-up car to outrun the Feds. Now they just need to load it onto a truck. More importantly from a consumer standpoint, Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling have also ensured that their distilling process has been 100% from of lead, antifreeze and other poisonous contaminants which made the historic beverage such a risky proposition.

    What’s a White Squall?

    A white squall is a violent windstorm at sea which does arrive with the black clouds that normally accompany dangerous storms. If a sailor is lucky, they can spot the white-topped waves which are the only visible warning that danger is rapidly approaching.

    Similar to the storm, there’s not much of a visual warning to be seen from the clear liquid that is White Squall Coastal Moonshine, but at 120 proof, there is much care that needs to be taken.

    Please, pretty please…consume in moderation.

    Learn more at the Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Company website.

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