Newport Vineyards Bellevue Blush – 750ml


    Capture the essence of Newport, RI’s most glamorous street with this fruity blush.

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    Bellevue Blush is a sweet and fruity rosé from Newport Vineyards.

    One look at Newport Vineyards Bellevue Blush and today’s wine drinker might wonder what a blush is and what separates it from a rosé. The short answer is “nothing”. Rosé and blush wines are the same thing. So why did Newport Vineyards name the wine Bellevue Blush instead of “Roselawn Rosé”? That’s sort of an interesting story.

    The History of Blush

    Back in the mid-1970s, Sutter Home accidentally created the White Zinfandel, a sweet pink wine which became so popular that grape growers couldn’t grow enough Zinfandel grapes to keep up with demand. Ironically, while this was happening, the rosé name was at a historic low. So winemakers, desperate to cash in on the White Zin craze but unable to secure the Zinfandel grapes needed to make that wine decided to market the unpopular “Rosé” under another name, “Blush”. This brilliant maneuver worked magnificently until roughly 2010 when rosé started to enjoy what has become an amazing renaissance, leaving blush in its dust.

    Newport Vineyards

    Newport Vineyards was started in 1977 when John and Paul Nunes planted a vineyard on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound. Their mission was to produce fine wine as a means of preserving Aquidneck Island’s agricultural lands right smack in the middle of Rhode Island’s viticultural area, the Southeast New England AVA. This microclimate is created by the combination of the warm Gulf Stream waters mixing with the moderating flow of Narragansett Bay. Since the first vines were planted, Newport Vineyard has grown to over 60 acres.

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