Newport Vineyards Great White – 1.5L


    Great White, Newport Vineyards’ most popular wine, is a fruity white blend…IN A BIG BOTTLE.

    A Newport wine like nectar from the gods, this award-winning white blend brings out a fruitful bouquet of mango, apricot, guava and melon. This wine is smooth and clean.


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    This Newport Wine is a White Blend that includes Riesling, Cayuga White and Vidal…in 1.5 Liters of Great White goodness.

    Presented in an attractive frosty bottle, Newport Vineyards Great White is distinctive both visually and in its title. Something has revived Great White shark’s interest in southern New England and Great White sightings are just a sign of summer. Among New England wine lovers, another type of Great White sighting has also become more common (and less frightening). If you’re at a happening party, you’re likely to see a bottle or two of this great Newport wine making the rounds. Floral on the nose the wine is quite expressive. Once you take a sip, you’ll recognize fun citrus and slightly acidic flavors, with a touch of sweetness. Pairs well with food.

    Awards for Newport Vineyards Great White

    Gold Medal Winner at International Eastern Wine Competition.

    Newport Vineyards

    Newport Vineyards was started in 1977 when John and Paul Nunes planted a vineyard on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound. Their mission was to produce fine wine as a means of preserving Aquidneck Island’s agricultural lands right smack in the middle of Rhode Island’s viticultural area, the Southeast New England AVA. This microclimate is created by the combination of the warm Gulf Stream waters mixing with the moderating flow of Narragansett Bay. Since the first vines were planted, Newport Vineyard has grown to over 60 acres.

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