Sons Of Liberty Loyal 9 Vodka – 750ml


    Rhode Island’s own Loyal 9 Vodka from Sons of Liberty.

    Made from local Rhode Island corn, Loyal 9 vodka is a tribute to the nine American patriots who started a little revolution. Like them, Sons of Liberty, located right in South Kingstown, is looking to start its own revolution, this time in craft liquor and beer.

    80 Proof (40% abv)


    Sons of Liberty Loyal 9 is an American vodka made right in Rhode Island. First, a little history…

    The Loyal 9 formed in opposition to the Stamp Act of 1765. They went on to form the larger Sons Of Liberty, which the distillery where Loyal 9 Vodka is made is named for. Fittingly enough, two of the Loyal 9, John Avery and Thomas Chase, were distillers by trade.

    The Loyal Nine (“Loyall Nine”), a well-organized Patriot political organization shrouded in secrecy, was formed in 1765 by nine like-minded citizens of Boston to protest the passing of the Stamp Act. The Loyal Nine evolved into the larger group Sons of Liberty and were arguably influential in that organization. Very little is known about the Loyal Nine as they operated in complete secrecy. Since they were a close-knit group made up of nine men, the organization functioned informally and left very little in terms of a paper trail. The membership of the Loyal Nine consisted of club secretary John Avery, a distiller by trade, Henry Bass, a cousin of Samuel Adams, Thomas Chase, a distiller, Stephen Cleverly, a brazier, Thomas Crafts, a painter, Benjamin Edes, printer of the Boston Gazette, Joseph Field, a ship captain, John Smith, a brazier, and George Trott, a jeweler. All nine men would go on to become active members of the Sons of Liberty, and to date four of the nine men are documented to have participated in the Boston Tea Party.

    Learn more about the original Loyal 9 here.

    Loyal 9 Vodka

    Loyal 9 vodka is created from local Rhode Island corn, so you can rest assured that this Rhode Island liquor is gluten-free.

    Serving suggestion:


    • 3 oz Loyal 9 Vodka
    • 2 oz Dave’s Coffee Syrup – Vanilla
    • 1 Cup Crushed Ice
    • 1 Cup Brickley’s Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Use a blender and blend to your liking

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