Sons Of Liberty Gala Apple Whiskey – 750ml


    Rhode Island’s own Gala Apple Craft Whiskey.

    Each season marks a change and the start of something new and Sons of Liberty commemorates fall with their unique gala apple whiskey. For hundreds of years brewers have been creating beers that complement the flavors of the season, yet no distillers have brought that seasonal concept to whiskey.

    Infused with the juice from over 9,000 freshly pressed Gala Apples from New England Cider Company, this seasonal whiskey begs to be enjoyed on a cool, New England Fall night. The crisp, subtly sweet apple notes pair perfectly with the whiskey to create a drink that is fit for the season.

    In a determined effort to always respect the whiskey, no artificial flavors or coloring are added.

    80 Proof (40% abv)

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    This Sons Of Liberty Apple Whiskey was just named Best Flavored Whiskey in America at the 2017 World Whiskies Awards by Whisky Magazine.

    Sons of Liberty Gala Apple Whiskey is an expansion of Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co.’s seasonal whiskey lineup. They used more than 9,000 gala apples from Blue Hills Orchard of Wallingford, Connecticut and Drazen Orchards of Cheshire, Connecticut to make a sauce shaped mash at New England Cider Co. That mash, called pumice, was then added to a barrel-aged whiskey made for this release.

    The process worked and Sons of Liberty’s desire to create seasonal whiskeys just as beer brewers create seasonal beers has brought the company fame and fortune. Not only was Gala Apple Whiskey named the Best Flavored Whiskey in America at the 2017 World Whiskies Awards held by Whisky Magazine, but the whole company was named American Craft Producer of the Year.

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