Soul Cachaca – 750ml


    “On the nose, pungent cucumber plays with ripe honeydew amidst a mental picture of a sugarcane field on a hot summer day. On the palate, no heat; instead, white pepper and green peppercorn against a deep core of cooked pineapple.”

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    Soul Cachaça is the spirit of Brazil!

    Made from the finest natural cane sugar from the heart of Brazil, Soul Cachaça is a premium artisanal cachaça, perfect for cocktails like the Classic Caipirinha. This spirit is gluten-free and contains no additives or preservatives.

    What is Cachaça?

    Cachaça dates back to 1532 when Portuguese colonists brought sugar cane from Madeira to Brazil. It is now the most popular spirit consumed in Brazil, but is surprisingly rare outside of the country.

    This liquor is similar to rum in that it is made from sugar cane, but different in the aspect that rum is made from distilling molasses, a sugar processing byproduct, while cachaça is made directly from fresh sugar cane juice. The spirit was actually sold in the US as Brazilian Rum until 2013, when an agreement was signed to recognize cachaça as an exclusive product of Brazil.

    Why choose Soul Premium Cachaça?

    Soul’s strict production standards, extensive quality control and proven traditional techniques have made it one of the most recognized premium cachaças.  It has received a 92 Point Rating by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, a 93 Point Rating by The Tasting Panel Magazine and Double Gold Medal by the New York Wine & Spirits Competition.

    You can learn more at Soul’s website.

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