Walrus Blood Continuously Aging Whiskey – 750ml


    If you look at the bottom of Walrus Blood Whiskey you will find a pair of Hungarian Oak Cubes. The surface area of the cubes have the same surface area ratio of a typical 53 gallon whiskey barrel therefor continuously aging the spirit. This enhances flavor, color, and complexity over time.

    40% ABV

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    Walrus Blood Whiskey ages in the bottle.

    A pair of port-soaked oak cubes sit at the bottom of every bottle of Walrus Blood Continuously Aging Whiskey. This exposes the whiskey to the same surface area of wood that it would encounter in a 53 gallon wooden barrel. Unlike traditional whiskeys, where the aging process stops when the whiskey is taken out of the barrel and bottled, with Walrus Blood, it continues indefinitely.

    Traditionally, aging has been left to the distiller. The barrels remained on their property at great opportunity and actual cost to the producer…and the prices of 15, 18, 21…40 year old whiskies very much reflected it. With Walrus Blood, you can have a 40 year aged whiskey. You just buy a bottle for the regular price and wait 40 years. It will go through exactly the same process as a whisky that is sold for $6000 at today’s prices.

    More from the creator of Walrus Blood, Rob Robillard.

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