A selection of Sean Larkin’s Revival Brewing’s craft beers are now available in Newport, RI.

Craft brewing in Rhode Island is a young industry, so Revival Brewing’s founding in 2011 makes it one of the state’s most mature breweries. As has often been the case with small Rhode Island breweries, availability in Newport can be a challenge, but we’ve just secured a nice big drop and are happy to have a big variety of Sean Larkin’s beers on sale at Bridge Liquors.

Here are the beers that have just arrived and are available as of this posting.

Fanny Session IPA

Revival Fanny IPAWay back when, there was an elephant named Fanny. Born in Asia, she was part of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus before being purchased by the City of Pawtucket in 1958. She lived at the Slater Park Zoo until being moved in 1993 to live out her days on a Texas ranch. There she met a male companion named Conga. Fanny was famous enough for the Providence Journal to publish an obituary after she died in 2003.

Named after the famous elephant, this session IPA comes in at a very drinkable 4.7% abv and 55 IBU and features Citra, Mosaic, Chinook and Galaxy hops.


Conga Imperial IPA

Revival Brewing Conga IPA NewportCitra, Mosaic, Chinook, Galaxy hops for a majorly hopped up profile that is complimented by a complex malt body consisting of Extra Pale malt, White Rye, Light Wheat and Light Munic, as well as crystal malts.

120 IBUs. That’s what makes this Imperial IPA live up to its namesake, the male companion of Pawtucket’s most famous elephant, Fanny. An ABV running a bit north of 9.5% is not small either. That said, it’s not very boozy, so it can sneak up on you, like that invisible elephant that made an “appearance” on the X-Files way back when.

Juliett Imperial Stout

revival brewing juliett imperial stoutNamed after the Juliett-class K-77 Soviet submarine which, after the Cold War, found itself on display on Providence harbor in August 2002. The sub sank in a storm in 2007. It was then eventually raised and sold for scrap.

Brewed by Revival Brewing to conjure the image of dark undersea depths, Juliett Imperial Stout is a big 9% abv.

Night Swim ‘Ah Belgian Wheat Ale

revival brewing night swim ahIf there’s one thing adventurous Newporters are familiar with, it’s night swimming. Fortunately, Revival has a beer just for that.

Belgian-style Wit flavored with sweet orange peel, coriander, natural raspberries, and hopped with Citra hops. Sweet/tart meets in the middle and makes this the perfect session ale. Ideal for the beach, the campfire, and just about everything Summer.

At 4.7% abv, this beer won’t be too much when temperatures start to climb.

White Electric Coffee Stout

revival brewing white electric stoutA large, but not too big, flavorful beer, this stout is named, in keeping with a trend you might have picked up on, after White Electric Coffee, a well-known Providence coffee shop.

A mix of malts — Maris Otter from England, Chocolate, Crystal, Roasted Barley and Chocolate Wheat — along with EKG hops and specially-roasted White Electric coffee from New Harvest roasters create a complex beverage with notes of bittersweet coffee and chocolate.

At 8.5% abv, it’s almost at a halfway point between traditional Imperial Stouts, which weigh in at 9-10%+ and the “single” stouts and porters which tend to hover around 6-7%.

Burnsider Pale Ale

Revival Brewing BurnsiderThis beer is named for the man who did at least as much for sideburns as Beverly Hills 90120, Ambrose Burnside, the 30th governor of Rhode Island. The Burnsider American-style Pale Ale combines Galaxy and Mosaic hops with English malts. At 5.5% abv and 44 IBUs this is a lighter beer for when you just need to relax, but have to work in the morning.

Chinook vs Sorachi Ace Double Black IPA

Revival Brewing Double Black IPAThis is the first Revival Brewing beer that most people encountered. It’s the kind of beer that will tilt the undecided in favor of black IPAs, a traditionally under-appreciated genre in the craft beer world.

The heavy roast profile of our Double Black IPA is accented by an explosion of hops. Tones of coffee, vanilla, wood and citrus mix with herbal notes to make this beer the complex beast that it is. Hopped with Chinook, Sorachi Ace, Nugget and Cascade hops.


For the latest on Revival Brewing, check out their website.