Triple Eight Vodka – 750ml

Triple 8 Vodka is an ultra premium vodka produced on Nantucket Island. The vodka is triple distilled from the highest quality organically grown grain. It is then blended with our exceptionally clean and soft water drawn from well #888. Triple Eight outscored Ketel One in the World Spirit Championships, conducted by the Beverage Testing Institute.

Triple Eight Vanilla Vodka

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Triple 8 Vanilla Vodka is far and away the best vanilla vodka on the market. Actual vanilla beans from  Madagascar and New Guinea are put directly into the bottle. The beans impart an amazing amount of natural flavor, color and aroma as well as small specks of pure vanilla flavor; simply delicious. 76 proof,

Triple Eight Orange Vodka

Triple Eight Orange Vodka is unlike most other flavored vodkas on the market today. There are no artificial flavors or extracts. To get that true orange flavor and aroma, each spring we hand-peel honey bell oranges from Florida. This world class fruit is the secret to this great vodka. Triple Eight Orange was the highest ranked orange vodka in the World Spirit Championships.

Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka

Created with organically grown cranberries from Nantucket’s own Windswept Organic Farm. Cranberry was a natural choice for this island distillery, as it has been cultivated on Nantucket since the mid 1800’s. Master distiller Dean Long hand-selects the best fruit the island has to offer and crafts an amazing cranberry vodka. Triple Eight Cranberry was the highest ranked cranberry vodka in the World Spirit Championship.

Triple Eight Blueberry Vodka – 750ml

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Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka is made with wild low-bush blueberries from Maine, infused into our organic spirit. No other blueberry vodka in the world can match the true flavor, color and aroma that comes through in Triple Eight Blueberry vodka. Plain and simple, “real fruit, real people, really good!”

Triple Eight Nor’Easter Bourbon – 750ml

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Type: Bourbon Whiskey

Mash Bill: Corn, Malted Barley and Malted Rye

Barrel Proof: 124 proof, 62% alcohol

Bottle Proof: 88.8 proof, 44.4% alcohol

Barrel: 53 gallon brand new white oak sourced from Pennsylvania and Missouri

Age at bottling: Age of barrels used vary. Lead distiller Randy Hudson samples barrels and selects accordingly. Age typically ranges from 4 to 8 years. Every batch of bourbon produced by Triple Eight Distillery is a result of this type of conscientious barrel selection by Hudson.