You Can Talk On Your Phone At Our Checkout Counter…On One Condition

We don’t care if you’re on your phone when you come up to our counter if you can follow one simple rule.

A lot of businesses have a real hangup about people talking on their phones when they come up to pay for their stuff. Here at Bridge Liquors, we don’t really mind if you talk on your phone. If you found what you were looking for and have your cash or card at the ready, our employees can skip the small talk and get right to the business of scanning your items, giving you a total, processing your payment and sending you on your way. Sometimes these exchanges are even smoother and faster that way.

We’ve Been Nominated For A 2017 Mercury Love Award!

Help us win another Mercury Love Award with your vote!

Bridge Liquors is honored to be nominated for a 2017 Mercury Love Award for Newport’s Best Liquor Store. This is the first time we’ve been nominated since last year. As always, we have a lot of competitors looking to snag the award, so we will need all of our amazing customers’ votes on this one. This may come as a shock to some, but we don’t have a lock on it every year and have come up short in the past, most likely as a result of our failure to motivate those who love us the most. This year we won’t let that happen. So get voting!

Shackbury Craft Cider Seminar

Shacksbury just arrived in Rhode Island. Wednesday evening, you can meet one of this innovative cidery’s founders.

David DolginowDavid Dolginow will be at Bridge Liquors from 4-7pm on Wednesday, May 17th to introduce his range of craft ciders to Newport, RI. As best as we can tell, Shacksbury the best thing to happen to apples since Newton.

The Shacksbury Farmhouse Cider was selected by Imbibe Magazine as their Drink of the Week back in February.

Today’s Drink of the Week is a tangy farmhouse cider primed for springtime sipping. Inspired by the light, bright flavors of saison beer and rosé wine, Vermont’s Shacksbury produced this refreshing blend using a mix of Jonagold, Spartan, McIntosh, Empire and a small amount of English bittersweet apples from Dragon Orchards in Herefordshire. Lightly barrel-aged in bourbon and rye barrels, the soft, sparkling cider rings in at a respectable 6.5% ABV. For those accustomed to the bold yeasty flavors that often define the farmhouse-style, Shacksbury’s version is more approachable, perfect for those looking for a little less funk. Light-bodied and dripping with honey, green apple and sweet pear flavors, it finishes slightly dry.

We’ll also have the Classic and the Arlo on hand.

If you love craft cider or are at least curious about what makes them tick (or rather, effervesce), come by Bridge Liquors and meet David, who will be more than happy to answer your questions and sign autographs. If you’re going to hit one cider event in Newport this week, make it this one.