Frequently Asked Questions For Our Newport Package Store

Newport, you have questions about our package store; We have answers.

When you’re a package store in Newport, Rhode Island, there’s a never-ending stream of questions that people have for us. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to attempt to answer enough of them to save you a phone call.

Does the package store accept checks?

Yes, we accept checks. We process your check instantly. You don’t even have to fill it out.

Do you cash checks?

No. Bridge Liquors does not cash checks.

Why does Google say that you cash checks?

We have no idea. Bridge Liquors does not cash checks.

What credit cards do you accept?

Bridge Liquors accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and, if you order online, Paypal.


How do I order a keg?

Kegs require a $30 cash deposit. Taps require a $60 cash deposit. The cold plate system requires a $400 cash deposit. The actual “beer” part of the keg can be paid for with check, cash or credit card. If you special order a keg, then we will only hold that keg for you if its been paid for (ie. If you haven’t paid for the keg of Natty Light and it arrives at our store from the distributor, if someone wants to buy it, it’s theirs. If you have paid for it, then we’ll defend your keg at all costs until you arrive to pick it up. In other words, it’s a good idea to pay for your keg when you order it.) Kegs must be returned within 7 days to receive the full deposit back, after which they can be returned up to 31 days later for half the deposit.

How many beers are in a keg?

It depends on how big the keg is and how big your “beers” are.

A Half-Barrel or Half-Keg (which is actually the largest size keg sold at retail) contains 15.5 gallons of beer which comes to 1,984 which is approximately 165 12oz beers or 124 16oz beers. That said, it assumes that no beer is lost due to foaming which is unlikely.

A Quarter-Barrel or Quarter Keg is half the size of a half-barrel and contains 7.75 gallons or 992 fluid ounces of beer. That’s roughly 82 12oz beers before foamage.

A Sixth-Barrel is 5.16 gallons or 661 fluid ounces, which means roughly 55 12oz beers.

Please realize that most beers are available in certain keg sizes. For instance, Bud Light is sold in 1/2 barrels and 1/4 barrels but not 1/6 barrels, while rare craft beers may only be available in 1/6 barrels.

Is there an ATM on premise?

Yes, Bridge Liquors has an ATM.

Does your package store sell ice?

Yes, Bridge Liquors is a proud retailer of Eastern Ice.

Do you deliver?


Is there anything Bridge Liquors doesn’t deliver?

We don’t deliver kegs or ice.

What are the store’s hours?

That’s a much longer and complicated question than you might think, but that’s the nature of being a package store in Rhode Island. Read the whole answer here.

Will you price-match your competitors advertised prices?

Yes. If you present Bridge Liquors with an ad or receipt, we will match other Newport package stores’ prices on identical products.

Are you “Bridges Liquors”?

No, but if your money’s green, you can call us whatever you want.

Do you sell Everclear Grain Alcohol?

Yes, we sell 1.75L bottles of Everclear Grain Alcohol for $39.99.