Thomas Tew Rum by Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. – 750ml


    Newport’s Own Thomas Tew Rum

    Thomas Tew Single Barrel rum is an interesting and fun exploration into the world of craft distilled pot still rums. Distilled to 84 proof, it provides a nice punch and a flavor profile that lends itself to be a nice sipper for those brave of heart. It’s also a good versatile rum that can play well with a long range of rum cocktails.


    Thomas Tew, the perfect rum for anyone who loves Newport, RI or anyone with the surname “Tew”.

    The first rum distilled in Newport, Rhode Island since 1842, Thomas Tew Rum has gained fame ever since its release. When it was featured on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, it became a permanent part of the rum map. Named after the notorious “Rhode Island Pirate” Thomas Tew, who actually lived in Newport for a time before raiding the Caribbean.

    – Dark Amber Rum
    – Brown spice with hints of molasses and oak
    – Sweet caramel and molasses up front followed by vanilla, spice and oak flavors
    – Full bodied rum that coats the pallet
    – Straight or on the rocks, or in cocktails where rum is a signature flavor

    How Thomas Tew Rum is made

    Thomas Tew Rum is made using a copper pot still to create a bolder flavor. It’s then aged in a single barrel (previously used to age Woodford Reserve) for 3-6 years until it’s deemed ready for release by the expert distillers at Newport Distilling Co. In fact, bottles of Thomas Tew are hand-labelled with the number of the barrel the rum was aged in.

    What People Are Saying

    “Warning, I gush too much on this rum. I do hit it for the difficulties I find in tasting it, but once you have drank the rum, all of those issues become distant memories. This is not a Caribbean rum, this is an American rum. There is no overt sweetness, or grassy tones, this is a great molasses based rum that has been properly aged in oak…I love this rum. I might be influenced because of its Newport Storm, Newport – RI heritage, or that it is a great example of American craft distillery rum. If you are looking to have a range of spirits that shows the capabilities of the US craft distillery market, in my opinion this is the rum to have as part of that collection.”

    “If you like Bourbon then you will like this rum and if you like mixed rum drinks then you will love this rum.
    It’s got some sweetness to it and that counters the strong oak and Bourbon taste from the casks this is aged in. That molasses style sweetness then fades to a slow burn that seems to last for quite some time. Great heat on the back end. It’s a strong tasting sipping rum and if you mix it then you are in for a treat. I liked it and would buy it again.”

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    Learn more at the Thomas Tew website.

    Additional information

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